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Battle of the big cities: Dubai vs Hong Kong

Dubai Hong Kong

Population: 3.3 million, 1588 square miles 7.5 million, 427 square miles

Tourists 4th most visited city in world 11th most visited city in world

Crime rate 7th safest city in world; safe everywhere 50th safest city in world; safe _ everywhere

Transportation Top notch airport, metro, bus system, Top notch airport, metro, bus ferries, covered Walkways, outdoor escalators, trams, system; Covered walkways; ferries, trolleys; Always expanding. Ferries/boats give easy access.

Attractions Largest mall; Tallest building; Many Disneyland; Great markets;

amusement/water parks; Largest number of side trip to Macau is a must (by skyscrapers in world; boat tours; Water sports; Many bus or ferry)

festivals/concerts; Big nightlife/clubs

Cost 23rd most expensive in world; Hotel Avg: $50 2nd most expensive in world; _ Hotel avg: $100

Side trip Abu Dhabi(Capital) by bus in 90 minutes Macau: Chinese version of

Vegas(1 hour by ferry)

Weather June-September too hot(99 degrees or May-August has lots of rain & much higher); No rain ever possible monsoons: Best time _ is Oct-Feb or Sept-Jan

Food Everything is available from fast food to the Everything is available like most expensive & extravagant imaginable. Dubai, but more focused on

Chinese specialties.

Government Designed the city for tourism; always Special region of China that is improving & easing off religious restrictions; separate from and

Generally allows tourists to have fun & enjoy tourists/business are _ completely free from issues.

Language Almost 100 percent english spoken 53 percent speak English, but All signs/menus in english everyone in retail & tourism _ speaks it(not an issue)

Most signs in English

Outdoors Not much for biking; Fun paid activities in Too dense for most activities, dessert; Completely flat; Some areas have fun city to walk, very hilly; bike/scooter share available; plenty of water some good hiking/biking are activities/beach/boating/skydiving; nearby(very close by bus),

Hot weather can restrict activities beautiful views from top as Good beaches in the city. well as from the harbor _ on a boat.

Culture More focus on future than past; Most More culture than Dubai, but people that live here are from other countries. the city is very dense with new

City likes to show off presenting some very Skyscrapers everywhere; Some cool free things to see. cool temples to visit.

World rank 6th in world 38th in world

Final take: At one point Hong Kong was my favorite city in the world, but after traveling a bit more, it has moved a few spots down. Dubai is still on my mind after a recent trip. Both cities are completely unique in very different ways. Hong Kong has the dense city feel like Manhattan, but split by a huge harbor and surrounded by small mountains that you can hike or take a tram. You can also hop on a bus and hike or bike some great trails right on the ocean. Lastly, you have Macau, which boasts seven times the gambling dollars of Las Vegas and has a really cool cultural mix of Portuguese and Chinese, not to mention some of the largest hotels in the world.

Dubai is a city that just loves to show off by building beyond imagination. The skyscrapers are unreal including the tallest building in the world. Tallest hotel, Largest water fountain, longest driverless metro line, largest flower garden, and many other world records. They have multiple water fountain shows, a drone show, and a laser and light show that illuminates the tallest building in the world every night. They built an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, and they are currently finishing up a group of 300 small islands that form the shape of a world map. You have to admire the aggressiveness of the government to go big and bold. The result is a nation formerly reliant on oil, now a top 5 tourist destination. This is truly a giant destination city on the ocean with real beaches, which is one of a kind. I plan on going back for the World Expo towards the end of 2021.

Dubai Expo:

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