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Why you must stop using food & grocery delivery apps!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Let me clarify. Delivery apps bring consumers a lot more choice. You can expand your local restaurants, while at the same time allowing restaurants to further their reach to neighborhoods much farther away than they could deliver on their own. The problem is that people have gotten lazy and use the apps to order from their local restaurants, sometimes just a few blocks away. Restaurants pay up to 30 percent in fees in order to participate. Consumers pay for extra fees and charges as well. So, it will save everyone money if you order from your local restaurants directly and keep the delivery app orders to restaurants that are much further away and maybe offer something you cannot get nearby.

Many of us have forgotten the simple act of calling a restaurant and placing an order for pickup. If its within walking distance, get the exercise and support your local businesses. At the same time, you will be saving money.

It can be very expensive to use these apps to get your food. Delivery fees, service fees, and tips can add up quick.

Always search and keep any eye out for promo codes. They are all over the internet and just remember that many will not work for you, as some are targeted by user or region.

Also, keep in mind that restaurants often inflate menu prices on the apps.

Fast food is probably the worst place to order from a delivery app. They have their own apps which offer all kinds of promos that are not available in delivery apps.

The Burger King app is currently offering a Whopper meal for $5, but if you want it delivered, it will cost you more than double. The BK app has at least 24 other offers in their app that will feed the solo traveler for as little as $3 or a family of four for about $12. The same goes for most of the other fast food apps, and even your local pizza place will have lower prices when you walk in, over your fee-ridden food delivery apps!

Personally, I have done a good deal of ordering via the apps over the past year or so, but I usually choose pickup, and save myself any delivery fee plus the driver tip. In addition, I only order when using a promo code to significantly lower the cost. Lastly, I never order fast food for delivery.

Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor by finding a local restaurant near your house, call them up and place an order for pickup, then walk, bike, scooter, or drive over there and get your food. It's easy! We used to do it all the time back in 2015.

Inflation has further added to the problem:

"An order of four Bacon King Sandwich meals from Burger King through Grubhub also jumped from about $47 to about $65, an increase of nearly a third—and this despite no delivery fee at all thanks to a promotion Grubhub was offering. Instead, the food costs were about 50 percent higher and the service fee had more than tripled to $5.46."

Take a look at this story regarding Costco and delivery:

In the story, the woman shows how she paid almost 25 percent more for delivery than if she would have gone directly to the store. This is common practice, but the costs can be avoided by most people by going back to our old ways.

"Companies like DoorDash and UberEats helped many restaurants stay in business during lockdowns, allowing diners to stay in and still order out. But that convenience came at a price: Delivery companies can charge commission fees of 30% or more per order, hurting restaurants’ already meager profits."

"Delivery can be profitable in dense neighborhoods, where multiple orders can be delivered quickly and cheaply. But in sprawling suburbs, the cost of shuttling food gets too high."

If you are traveling, the search for food is probably the best way to really experience a new city or country. Use google maps to direct you to a spot that looks good. If you get there and you don't like the vibe, you probably are close to a bunch of other options now that you wandered out of the hotel. You can also ask hotel staff for recommendations.

Remember that Google maps has reviews from users.

If you are traveling alone, always know which neighborhoods to avoid (If any).

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